Motors Brew

Gasoline Life, a brand marketing company, asked us to develop a lighter craft beer “for the knuckle busting working class”, to win over some mass light lager drinkers.  The audience would be racing, auto and motorcycle enthusiasts, along with weekend garage warriors of every kind.  After a few experimental batches, we zeroed in on our version of the American Cream Ale using Liberty Hops.  We are now converting light beer drinkers to local craft beer every day!  Motors Brew on Draft is currently available at Deans Hops & Vines and the Pirates Den in Cheviot.  Cans are available at Trotta’s Pizza and White Oak Marathon.  Gasoline Life and Motors Brew merchandise is available at

A La Verde

We worked with Taqueria Mercado Cincinnati to develop a coriander and pepper infused light ale, inspired by salsa verde, to pair with the best Mexican food in Cincinnati.  After experimenting and sampling, we chose Coriander, Ancho and Jalapeno peppers, and Green (Hatch) Chiles.  The brew is delicious with a lime slice and with Mexican Tajin spice on the rim.  Check it out on draft at the restaurant on 100 E 8th St, Cincinnati.

Ginger Bock

Ginger Bock (actual name) is a candidate for Hamilton County Appellate Court Judge.  In her honor we developed a Ginger (colored not flavored) Bock Beer.  The beer was available during Bockfest 2019 at Revel OTR on 12th Street.  Look for Ginger Bock (the person and the beer) during Bockfest 2020!