On Tap Now

American Liberty

The perfect “lawn mower” beer, is a refreshingly light American Cream Ale with a crisp finish that calls you back for more.

  • American 2-Row Malt, Flaked Corn, Liberty Hops
  • 4.8% ABV, 13 IBUs, Very Light in Color & Body

Stark Raving Amber

American Amber Ale with rich malty layers and the punch of an IPA.  This is the signature brew from our Brew House on Stark Street.

  • Pale, Munich, Vienna, and Caramel Malts, Roasted Barley, Centennial, Cascade and Simcoe Hops
  • 7.0% ABV, 70IBUs, Amber Color & Medium Body

Future Brews

Xtra Ordinary Bitter

A very session-able English Style Ordinary Bitter ale with light nutty, roasted, caramel, and coffee notes, and a dry herbal finish.

  • Maris Otter, Pale, Caramel, Wheat, Amber and Chocolate Malts, Challenger & East Kent Goldings Hops
  • 3.9% ABV, 32 IBUs, Amber Color & Light Body



    Pub Porter

    Traditional “Brown Porter” English style Ale, offers rich nutty, roasted, and coffee flavors, mellowed with the earthy goodness of English hops.

    • Pale, Maris Otter, Brown, and Chocolate Malts, Challenger & East Kent Goldings Hops
    • 4.9% ABV, 26 IBUs, Mahogany Brown in Color & Medium Body

    Golden Wheat

    A light summer quencher with a balance of malt flavors and a crisp citrusy finish. This beer straddles the line between an American Golden/Blonde Ale and an American Wheat Ale.

    • Pale, Wheat and Caramel Malts, Centennial Hops
    • 4.9% ABV, 25 IBUs, Golden Color & Light Body

    Hop THE Track

    Our series of American Pale Ales using a rotation of single variety Hops.  When In season, this series will feature fresh locally grown hops.

    • Pale, Munich and Caramel Malts, Rotating Hop Varieties
    • 6.0% ABV, 40 IBUs, Golden to Light Amber Color & Medium Body