Off Track Brewing Company is a neighborhood craft nano-brewery located in the historic Over-The-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati. We are just Off the Cincinnati Streetcar Track and the Brewing Heritage Trail.

The Brewery was founded by two friends who have been homebrewing together for over twenty years. For now this is a nights and weekends gig for us as we work full time at our day jobs. Our focus is on brewing a quality product, one batch at a time, and having fun. Volume and profits are secondary.

Our passion is brewing high quality ales and lagers, and serving them fresh and affordably to our friends and neighbors. We have relationships with local hop growers and a grain maltster to assure fresh quality local ingredients. We will work to minimize our environmental footprint through the efficient use and reuse of water, recycling waste, and providing spent grain to local farmers for animal feed. We will be charitable with our time and dollars, support the local community, and provide opportunities for our patrons to do the same.

We will be serving our brews on draft in pints and growlers through our good friends at the Dunlap Cafe, on the corner of Dunlap and Henry Streets, right around the corner from the brewery. We plan to build out our own taproom and beer garden in 2019. We will be working with Dunlap Cafe to offer beer dinners, beer launch events, brewery tours, and festivals! We will also be offering direct keg sales to the public, and are developing a beer for a private label account.

Please stay tuned and thank you for your interest. Cheers!